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Welcome to REGAL GLIDE a product range of Radiant Glass Concepts

We specialise in CUSTOM Glass

Frameless Glass Sliding Doors

Our range of glass sliding doors are a stunning addition to any modern style home. 8 and 10mm toughened safety glass panels are attached to an elaborate runner system that makes opening and closing them a breeze. If you’re looking for a high-end finish to your entranceway or room, then our frameless glass sliding doors are a definite must.

Glass sliding doors have a way of transforming your rooms from mundane to stunning.  Our Regal Glide is a sophisticated system with a soft close mechanism that automatically closes your door.

Acid-etched finishes can be used to create a frosts look giving you that sort after privacy. Various custom designs can be created to subdivide rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and any other area requiring a clean sophisticated look.


With over 28 years of research and development at Radiant Glass Concepts, Regal Glide is proud to offer you frameless glass sliding doors that are not only classy and elegant but are simple to use.

Regal Glide’s soft-close sliding doors are not only a sublime addition to your home, but you can be sure our glass doors will outlast the rest.

We only use the highest quality materials, fittings and fixtures, and all our doors are custom made and manufactured locally at our factory in Randburg. Regal Glide is committed to supplying the best quality product and industry-leading levels of service to our customers.

Our sublime range of glass sliding doors is the ideal touch to any room, entranceway, patio, balcony enclosures or as a room divider. Enhance the beauty of your home through the use of frameless glass with our hidden soft closing mechanisms. Their bespoke nature of our sliding doors allows for the seamless integration of our systems into a new building as well as existing homes and structures.

Regal Glide is a sophisticated system which accommodates both sliding and fixed glass panels, making it ideal for interior dividers in offices and shops as well as more modern applications in new developments.

Glass Sliding Doors
Soft Close Slding Glass Doors

Our custom-built frameless glass sliding doors are made with 8, and 10mm Toughened Safety Glass. 

We are passionate about glass!

Radiant Glass Concepts started its humble beginnings in 1991 since then we have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke glass products for individual homeowners, corporates, architects and interior decorators for over 28 years.

Our Latest Work

Visit our gallery to view more of our custom-designed sliding doors.


Radiant Regal Glide will transform any room in your home into a work of art.

Seamless Glass Room Dividers
Frameless Glass Wall Panels


Transform your home into a stunning masterpiece with our regal frameless glass sliding doors.

Glass Sliding Doors


Our glass sliding door range is the perfect combination of precision engineering and stylish design. Our creative designs will provide you with a spacious, luxurious, and modern home.

Frosted Sliding Doors
Soft Close Sliding Doors
Glass Dividing Doors



Frameless sliding doors are a very popular way to enhance the perception of space and depth. Whether it is in an office environment or residential it will definitely create a “classy” look and feel.

The use of toughened safety glass in homes and offices is becoming ever more popular as an architectural design element due to the fact that it opens up areas to allow light and air to be used to great effect.

We designed our glass sliding doors for both home and office use. You can also use our frameless glass sliding system as a stand-alone external structure, such as a balcony or patio door or even create a stunning entranceway.

You Dream It, We’ll Build It.

At Radiant Regal Glide, we understand that every home or office is unique and has its own design, look and feel. It is for this specific reason that we custom make your frameless sliding doors to reflect your particular requirements.

Regal Glide

Radiant Regal Glide is a product range of Radiant Glass Concepts. Visit our website to view our other bespoke glass product ranges

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