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Stunning Rooms

Create stunning partitions in your home with our glass sliding doors

Create beautiful airy rooms using our frameless sliding doors. Let natural light flood your house giving it a fresh, clean look.

Breath Taking Bathrooms

With our glass doors, never has it been so easy to create a masterpiece. Give your home that WOW factor — use glass sliginf doors.

Functional Partitions

Give your office or home a clean, modern look with our sliding doors. You can easily create private rooms that can be closed for privacy or opened for functions or events.


Radiant Regal Glide

Radiant Regal Glide are custom made frameless sliding doors to suit each client’s individual specific needs. Our glass sliding doors are the perfect solution to isolate areas or create privacy. We pride ourselves being an innovative company that keeps up with the latest technological trends and developments.

All our Radiant frameless glass sliding doors come with our standard 5 years warranty* to assure you peace of mind.

*Subject to our standard terms & conditions

Customised Glass Sliding Doors

Our Radiant Regal Glide Doors are custom made glass frameless top hung sliding doors with hidden soft closing mechanisms.

High-Performance Glass

Our glass sliding doors are manufactured using 8 or 10mm toughened safety glass.

Colour Options

Radiant Regal Glide frameless glass sliding doors are available in clear, tinted or obscure glass.

Latest Radiant Regal Glide

With over 28 years of manufacturing and installing bespoke glass products for clients, Radiant Regal Guide has earned its unrivalled position as one of the frameless glass sliding door industry leaders in South Africa.